Life Aggressively

by corretja

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garbageb This band crushes! Just progressive enough to be interesting and not overly technical.
Also I am in this band. Favorite track: Truman's Curse.
Carlos Parlos (cp49)
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Carlos Parlos (cp49) You know you need a melodeath album about Harry Truman so just buy it. It rips. Plus the covers are ridiculously fun, especially the "Precious Things" Tori one. Favorite track: Destroyer of Worlds.
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    Life Aggressively including seven bonus metal covers of the eclectic artists that shaped the Corretja sound. Metal covers of Tori Amos, The Real McCoy, The Sisters of Mercy and a mashup of Gravediggaz/At The Gates. Includes bonus covers of the Skinny Puppy classic "Grave Wisdom" and punk/new wave pioneers The Diodes' "Tired of Waking Up Tired".

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Crimson Son 04:30
you never lost a bit of sleep, never were tortured by your own thoughts. You always did what you thought was right, Never haunted by the silence of the night. we are all hindered by our fears, rejection, failure, and our own mortality. Yet you pushed all that aside, and achieved so much in life. You pushed those fears aside and achieved so much, despite. "Hang a few traitors and make our country safe for democracy,” famous words further cementing your own legacy. remembered for so many things, one of which being a long trail of dead left in the wake of your improbable march towards victory. you had no education. No job, and no prospects. you were rejected by your wife, no success in any aspect of life. You found courage, you found power. You found strength in every failure. Pinned down by germans, the vosges mountains at your back. With nowhere to go, nowhere to run, of all your men you lost not one. ignoring your orders at the meuse-argonne, court martial or not you continued on. Living beyond that day were the men of the the 28th. every breath they take beyond that fateful day, is credited to you. And the battle of who run! Despite all odds, you still achieved! Corrupt officials, accepting bribes, financial corruption, everyone resigns! But you still achieved! You still achieved!
Human Shield 04:37
We've made another trip around the sun, and I'm more lost now than ever before. More insecurity and more fear About what the future has in store. I will never be enough I know I will never be enough In this place there is no hope for me There is no calm, here There are no answers for me to see Only unknown, paralysis, and fear. But you manage to make it all okay When you look into my eyes, This all seems to wash away I will never be enough I know I will never be enough I know you won't always need I know you won't always want I know you won't always share I know you won't always love I know you won't always trust But I hope you'll always find those things with me. When I look into your eyes, and when you look into mine Your eyes tell a story of hope Your eyes tell a story of love Your eyes reflect a world trying to catch up Your eyes reflect all that is unknown Full of mysteries, I can't begin to understand Your eyes can reduce me I will never be enough I know I will never be enough To protect you To shield you The one task that is my charge, I’m fucked
the light of one thousand suns burns your name across the morning sky basking in its splendor, staggered by its majesty. theoretical physicists laughed and cried. in a small way, i too assume that all of you felt the same. nevermind quantum tunneling and field theory, forget theories of electrons and positrons. there is no time for us to worry about molecular wave functions did you believe ratting out all of your friends would wipe your conscience clean? naming names and red-baiting were clever ways to restore your reputation. burying yourself in theories of black holes and neutron stars, will temporarily cover up your pasts deep scars what if colitis had taken your life? what if you had fallen in love with mineralogy? you would not have become death or had to mask your regret. Instead we would read of a twentieth century Al Biruni
one good look at your resume, it’s obvious why many say; he was a good and kind man, he was a true humanitarian. rebuilding europe, one brick at a time. feeding west berliners, tons of yummy food. containing communism, don’t mention vietnam. desegregating the armed forces - diversity. any president would kill for these accomplishments more than likely all of that will be for naught, boys and girls rarely remember what they’re taught your good deeds can never be unwritten, your true legacy might be justified by history preparing us to destroy more completely, every productive enterprise created. expect a rain of ruin from the sky, the likes of which have not been seen on this earth. these words will never let your conscience sleep, as you become the destroyer of worlds. the greatest marvel the world has ever seen is scorched earth, and blankets of ash. “the greatest achievement of organized science in history” drew the lines where angels relinquish their wings, and devil’s continue to do great things. crossing these lines halos and horns interchange all of the time. any president would kill for your accomplishments, except for one.
you used their faith for your political gain told relocation was for the “good of all mankind” they believed “everything is in the hands of god,” a god that would leave them to perish and starve the dreams of bikinians came to an abrupt end when operation crossroads was born from U.S. sin the world of peace you had hoped for became global destruction starting on bikini’s shores you promised them support, you promised them protection instead you delivered an island full of radioactive contamination dangerous levels of strontium-90 riddled their bones with cancer stillbirths, miscarriages, and genetic abnormalities plagued generations thereafter what did you gain as a result of their destruction, this deception? Just one hundred and sixty seven souls to haunt you forever. this was for the good of all mankind?


Corretja’s Life Aggressively has it all — a potent mix of melodic death metal, furious digital blast beats, parenthood, and a Gravediggaz/At The Gates mashup. Anchored by “Human Shield,” written by lyricist/growler Mark Southworth and dedicated to his daughter, Life Aggressively is the sound of midlife angst ... thrashing majestically.

The three-song Truman suite — completely remixed from its original cassette incarnation — is a devastating take on the postwar A-bomb craze and the price paid by the unlucky inhabitants of Bikini Atoll. On new songs "Crimson Son" and "Human Shield," Corretja sails to new heights, honoring classic Metallica and early Converge along the way. In "Human Shield," a father struggles to live up to expectations, as Sam Justice delivers heart-stopping operatic vocals atop BGL’s soaring riffage.

This vinyl exclusive has seven covers, two of which are not available to stream - Skinny Puppy's "Grave Wisdom," and the Diodes' "Waking Up Tired." Also featured is a reworking of Tori Amos's "Precious Things" and an absolutely bonkers mashup of Gravediggaz/At The Gates dubbed “1-800-Suicide Nation.” It's life ... lived aggressively!


released January 15, 2019

BGL - guitars, programming, engineering
SJ - guitars, bass, backing vocals, harmonica, trumpet, programming, engineering
MS - vocals and lyrics
RS - recordings, programming, engineering

All artwork and visuals for Life Aggressively created by Justin Lucas


all rights reserved



corretja New York, New York

Corretja turns a harsh lens on history's heroes and egyptologists, through brutal progressive melo-death.

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